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The Forma brand was born in 1999. The brand was created by Mr.Ivano Binotto and his wife Mrs.Simonetta, who up until that time was already 25-years part owners & managers of the largest producer of OEM off-road motorcycle boots in the world

They decided to start a new 100% independently owned company in order to launch his new Forma brand on the market. Their 25-years of know-how and experience in building motorcycle boots were completely dedicated to developing a new and innovative range. Since that time Forma has continued to grow and currently the brand is sold in more than 60 countries worldwide with a solid and consolidated distribution network. The Forma brand is now recognized as one of the most innovative brands in the motorcycle boot business. 

The company is located in Altivole (TREVISO) in Italy. Altivole is close to Asolo & Montebelluna, which is the defined as the “heart of the world’s sports’ shoes”; some of the few important industries are dedicated to soccer cleats, tennis shoes, and the famous sky boots and of course, motorcycle boots which were born in this sport system district. It’s not difficult to gather proper materials and find excellent people who have elevated development and labour skills to make technical and high quality products. All of these assets have made this part of the world particularly indicated to produce a truly fantastic motorcycle boot. The company is highly specialized and produces all types (and only) motorcycle boots. 

For the last 10-years the company has its own independently owned production plants in Romania.   This has permitted to make a “made in Europe” product with only the highest standard quality; naturally the production is followed and monitored by Italian personnel. Romania (part of EU) was chosen as during Communism, it featured the greatest production of soldier’s boots for the entire communist area, so skilled labour was easy to find. 

Maximum attention is given to safety. Almost all of the range (with only the exception of some urban shoes) is CE approved EN 13634:2010/12 by the main Italian Testing and Research centre Ricotest.

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